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Are We Over Thinking It or Thinking It Over?

With less than 5% of the Major League Baseball season complete, there are all sorts of people second-guessing moves by the coaches, pitchers and staff of the Toronto Blue Jays. Hey, it is the fun part of baseball where we take in a few statistics and make a gut-felt assumption and find more stats until they point to what we thought all along. It is akin to booing at a game. We pay to watch and we are permitted to show our displeasure and voice our discontent at any member of the team.

Even I was wondering why the Jays trotted out the lineup they did Sunday for the finale against the Boston Red Sox. I can see resting one player due to injury or providing another a chance to play in a certain game but to appear to throw in the towel against Boston, a division rival,  and a chance to go up 2-1 in a three-game series? I have to admit, I had my doubts. The score vindicated my thoughts.

However, you have to know the Toronto Blue Jays bats and pitching will recover from this blip in the schedule. There will be those 10-game slumps and those other 10-game streaks that will all even out over the course of a 162-game schedule. It is the true indication of a team that they never let something like a 2-5 start upset the club house.

It is my opinion; everyone went out on the town for a few beverages to get to know one another Saturday night. That, my fellow Jays fans, can mean more in July than a 7-game win streak. Getting to know your teammates is as important as the next RBI. Whether a person “fits in” the team chemistry depends upon the players’ makeup and their acceptance of one another. While each of them shares a bond and team logo, it is up to the entire staff to play as a team.

No one will care about what we write about (I am certain even fewer care what gets written here), few will remember what analysts say about certain individuals and only an embarrassed lot remembers a struggling Edwin Encarnacion and what we thought of his production on a mediocre baseball team two years ago. The coaches never gave up on the player who is now indispensable on the Jays team.

No, the club is not experimenting right now, nor is it platooning individuals in key roles. The organization is trying to win games but it is also keeping an eye on the bigger picture: establishing itself as a winner this season and the next and perhaps even a third year in a row that experiences post season play.

It is only a matter of time before the shuffling stops and all the pieces fall into place. R.A. Dickey will find his groove. I am certain the roof being open will have a dramatic effect on his pitches. Also watch how many games he pitches out of doors. I have seen how the team works to the strengths of its staff.

Last season, just before the all-star game, the Jays club shook up its pitching rotation to permit its strongest starters to oppose division rivals. While the club faced an eventual collapse at that point in the season, the team showed it was looking ahead and reassured fans of the club’s commitment to winning by just tweaking the rotation enough to get an edge. It was such a radical move, radio announcers disagreed that the Jays would even try such a maneuver.

No, no one will be moving Jose Reyes from short stop or taking Jose Bautista out of right field until Brett Lawrie comes back and I think Encarnacion has seen the last of third base until he rounds that bag to head home. No, it is time to see this team for what it is and what it will remain – set.

Get ready to see the real Toronto Blue Jays next time they come to Toronto. Who knows, we might even see Lawrie back at his usual position before they come back from their next road trip.

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