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The “Unusual Suspects” Secure Blue Jays Win

A Toronto Blue Jays shutout win over the Boston Red Sox felt great didn’t it?

While I never feel comfortable with Dustin Pedroia coming to bat for the Beantowners any time in a game but with the Jays in a comfortable 5-0 lead, I was able to breathe easier in the ninth inning than usual.

Speaking of “usual”, there are some things we can count on: the media riding the abilities of Colby Rasmus, Adam Lind and J.P. Arencibia. This makes the trio “unusual suspects” in the grander scheme of a Blue Jays win.

Granted, Rasmus struck out in his first two plate appearances in Game 2 but he made up for it with a three-run blast that would still be sailing through the city if the Rogers Centre was not an enclosed facility. Wow!

So quickly now…think, who leads the team in stolen bases? Fine, so Jose Reyes is leading in almost every category but who is second? The answer is Adam Lind. He and Mark DeRosa shook up the Red Sox with half a hit and run. DeRosa failed to hit the ball but Lind still ran and pulled off a stolen base – his first since 2011.  It seemed to shake up the Red Sox enough to walk Derosa and serve up the insurance runs the team needed in the ninth inning.

Rasmus also did something pitchers have wanted to do for the last few years: take the bat out of the hands of Jose Bautista. Before Rasmus went to bat, Bautista was in the dugout obviously warming up to step in as a pinch hitter. After the three-run homer, one can only surmise that manager John Gibbons told his tender-footed slugger, “Never mind.” Mind you, it could have been a ploy to make the Red Sox believe Bautista was ready to come in and hit. Check that, Bautista has just one walk in 6 plate appearances vs. reliever Alfredo Aceves. Gibbons wouldn’t be playing head games with his own staff would he? Naw! (BTW – It would be a fitting gesture to indicate the location where the Rasmus homer hit on the facing of the third level – for the second time this season!)

Well, for whatever the reason this victory was one of the more unusual ones we have witnessed. However, nothing was more exciting than to watch Reyes perform his impression of Hall of Famer Jackie Robinson in Game 1 against the Red Sox.

There are many videos of how Robinson used to torment pitchers into throwing wild pitches to the plate or to fellow fielders just to keep Robinson close to the bag. In Game 1, Sox third baseman Will Middlebrooks collected a sharply hit ball but he was distracted by Reyes who threatened to go home on the throw. Middlebrooks looked toward Reyes who just stood between third and home waiting for a commitment. Middlebrooks took a couple of steps toward first but that was when Reyes broke towards home. Middlebrooks stopped his attempt toward first and turned toward Reyes and third base in an attempt to tag the baserunner. Middlebrooks failed to tag Reyes and all hands were safe on the play.

If this is the kind of excitement Jays fans are in for this season, even the losses will be easier to take. 

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