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There is no way to sugar-coat this: the first place Tampa Bay Rays is a better baseball team than the fourth place (just three games out) Toronto Blue Jays team – right now.

Despite what many fans believe the Jays management has done its job but needs more time to assemble all the pieces it needs to defeat the better ball clubs and consistently challenge the lesser ones. Have you seen some of the Twitter comments? Brutal! Don’t break an ankle jumping off the bandwagon),

The Rays have so many weapons. Even when the injured starter walked off the mound yesterday; you knew the Rays were never really in trouble.

Toronto can aspire to become like the Rays but until the local team can take the majority of games from any baseball team for two to three consecutive months, the Jays fans will have to be content to witnessing the building of a contender.

This rebuilding program is not without its excitement though. Bautista may not be hitting home runs like he has in the last two seasons but he is still among the top 10 in the American League and Edwin Encarnacion is still fourth with 11.

However, I cannot ignore acknowledging that Adam Lind is having issues at the plate but he is the league leader with a range factor of 10.94 (range factor is calculated by adding putouts and assists and then dividing that total by defensive innings played).

And who says Brett Lawrie makes too many errors? The kid can flat-out play the game and enjoy it with the best of them. He is second in the majors (not just AL) with a range factor of 3.19 among third basemen. His play at the plate running in from beyond third base is among ESPN’s current “gems”.

No, the Jays are not giant killers yet, but the club is building a contender right before our eyes. Enjoy it while you can still get seats at the ballpark.

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