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The maintenance staff at the Rogers Centre are probably still chasing primates as some of the Toronto Blue Jays got a few monkeys off their backs.

Toronto Blue Jays fans can be excused for being cautious about the Jays’ chances of winning against the top team in the American League but no one can call this club a quitting crew.

Jose Bautista and Brett Lawrie hit important home runs in this game but it was Kelly Johnson’s first pitch homer in the third inning and his follow-up single in the seventh that proved to be what the Jays needed to extend their rally – good for four RBI in the game.

For the life of me, I cannot understand why baseball fans are so down on first-pitch hit attempts. I remember Tony Fernandez taking the first pitch every at-bat and putting himself at a zero-and-one disadvantage too often.

Rangers’ starter Yu Darvish showed us the importance of getting ahead with his fastball. He pitched a gem of a baseball game. It is funny how he knew not to try that strategy with Edwin Encarnacion.

Earlier in the day, Jays Manager John Farrell said Bautista has earned the Number 3 spot in the lineup as though many of us thought he should be moved. Hah! Everyone could see he was swinging the bat better in the last few games.

Bautista is not your average baseball player but when he entered the game batting .181 some fans were all over the Jays’ home run threat. I remember a couple of Aprils ago when Boston’s Big Papi David Ortiz went through the same kind of month with worse results. The Red Sox never gave up on its star talent and notice how he is performing this past month. Jays fans need to show Joey Bats more respect.

Oh well, it is a free country and after a long hockey season, I can understand some of the bitterness overflowing onto the baseball field. Finding something wrong with high profile athletes seems to be a Toronto sport in itself. Poor Sportsnet radio man Mike Wilner must be going through the Q-tips pulling that kind of stuff out of his ears after every radio show. Mike, it won’t go away even after the winning becomes even more of a habit. Some of these folks find it easier to find fault than paying attention to the statistics. Hey, I guess it all makes good radio.

Folks, this is not the Maple Leafs. This team is exciting and fun to watch. No one is saying this club will win the World Series – yet. There are still a couple of pieces missing and some of the better clubs are showing us this almost every series. However, no one can argue that this is not a fun baseball club to watch game in and game out.

I still cannot believe fans don’t come out and see the Jays play one of the best teams in the American League! Just 18,774 came out for this one. I look forward to seeing the television ratings for this series. The Jays may not be better than Texas right now, but the club is making some of the best defensive plays I have seen since Hall of Famer Roberto Alomar vacuumed up everything from first base line to the other side of second. The Jays also have some impressive offensive stats where they are making an impact against the opposition.

Sure the bullpen is struggling right now but with players like Encarnacion, Brett Lawrie, Rajai Davis, Johnson and Colby Rasmus hitting in the clutch lately, this club is proving that there is more excitement to come.

Go Jays!


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