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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Other Sports Just Don’t Cut It!

As a typical Canadian, I enjoy other sports outside of baseball but for the past 10 years or so the Toronto Blue Jays have controlled my entertainment dollar and interest.

I know there are other sports out there during the baseball season but I rarely get too excited about a regular season event and almost yawn with disinterest in the sports’ playoffs.

Don’t ask me why. Most Canadians I know are fanatical about their sports and most of them can’t believe I am taking this attitude.

I once confessed that I tend to go through withdrawal through October and especially November when the Toronto Blue Jays season is finished and fans are thinking about next season.

It is with that in mind that I mention one of the best blog posts I have read that sums up the end of a particularly great Toronto Blue Jays season. Ghost Runner On First came up with one particular post entitled Love, Actually nailed it!

This farcical approach, that compared a fan’s feelings at the end of the Toronto Blue Jays’  season to those emotions a guy might feel after a busted relationship,  bordered on sincerity for some but for me, pathetic or not, was right on. I have not found a better way to convey the emotions I felt after this season.

We have all had our favorite moments this season – a walk-off home run, a critical hit during a comeback, a walk that kept an inning alive, a double play that got a pitcher out of a jam. Forget the blown saves. The season was a success in my eyes.

This was a great season and anyone who enjoys a good blog should read Drew Fairservice who moved to The Score’s blog at Getting Blanked.